General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions of the company Castrum d.o.o. – VIP Prevozi

Offer: transport of persons, rental of a vehicle with a driver, rental of a driver.

SERVICE PROVIDER: VIP Prevozi, CASTRUM d.o.o. (hereinafter service provider), Stara Vrhnika 2, 1360, Vrhnika, Slovenia, SI68828411


The service provider CASTRUM d.o.o. – VIP Prevozi provides services with vehicles according to valid regulations managing the field of services. Compliant with this, the service provider publishes general terms and conditions of services, which are the foundation of each provided service.

The service provider does not transport minors that are not accompanied or without the authorisation of their custodian.

Article 2 – CLIENT

A client is every contractual party or the customer for a service, provided by the service provider or transporter. The client is also the service payer.

The transport client uses the capacities of the vehicle in compliance with the specification in General Terms and Conditions. The service provider is not obligated to provide services to anyone who does not consent to these General Terms and Conditions..

Article 3 – RESRVATION

A reservation is confirmed, when the service provider receives the agreed upon prepayment for a service, if the contractual parties reach such an agreement. Only the reservations of services that are confirmed in written form by the service provider are valid.

The due date for the payment of the prepayment is stated in the offer.

A confirmed reservation includes information about the client, the number of persons, confirmation of the requested date, pickup or travel start location, travel destination location, and the fixed set price for the reserved service.

An unconfirmed reservation is not binding for the service provider.

Article 4

ECONOMY transportation means transportation at a favourable price, whereby passengers can be joined, waiting and stops at individual addresses, hotels, bed and breakfast houses, or home addresses, may occur. The time of departure and arrival may be adjusted to other passengers who reserved the transportation. The place of departure is only one and set by the service provider, taking all passengers who will be transported into consideration. There is a possibility for transportation from the address of the passenger, which requires an additional payment.

VIP transport is intended for those passengers, who wish to adjust the transport to their need. Order of such transport is carried out by telephone and in written form, via e-mail. The passenger, upon reservation, communicates the desired time of departure and arrival (number of flight), starting location, and the number of persons. This form of transport is not related to a schedule or itinerary. It is adapted exclusively for passengers who require transportation service from an address to an airport or vice versa, without additional stops or other passengers. When making a reservation (from the airport to the desired address), the driver waits for the passenger with the agreed upon greeting sign at arrivals in the airport building. The transport is carried out with a comfortable van of a higher price range. Additional benefits of VIP TRANSPORT: free additional baggage, no additional payment for the use of a baby seat or the roof baggage case, unlimited number of stops within the timeline of the travel.


Payment in cash may be done directly before the beginning of the transport, for which an appropriate document confirming the payment will be issued. Other forms of payment are available for contractual clients who order services by the service provider for their beneficiaries. In such a case, an order form or contract of the company and written order in the form of an e-mail are required. The list of passengers is also a required element of the order in this case. Contractual partners may pay the invoice within due period (compliant with the contract) or the date, set on the issued invoice.


In case of sudden or unexpected cancellations due to e.g. change of arrival or rerouting of an aircraft to an airport other than the reserved and paid one, loss or missing of the flight (if it is the client’s fault), the service provider is not obligated to return the payment for the agreed upon service.


The beginning of transit is defined with the moment when the client and service provider conclude a written agreement about the service. When the client occupies their intended place in the vehicle, the driver may physically begin to move the vehicle in the direction of the agreed upon destination.

The driver is not responsible for personal items, lost or forgotten in the vehicle.


A pause in transit between the starting point and end destination means a stop, whereby the vehicle is exited by all the passengers. On shorter trips of up to 200 km, a 15 minute stop is planned, and a 30 minute one for longer trips. Pauses, lasting longer, are agreed upon between the driver and the passengers each time, whereby the consent of all is required. In the case of overly frequent pauses at the wish of the passengers, the driver is not responsible for potential late arrival to the end destination.

Article 9 – END OF TRANSIT

The transit ends when all passengers exit the vehicle at the end destination.


In case of a vehicle breakdown, the service provider is obligated to ensure replacement transport at his own cost. Should a replacement vehicle not be available within 4 hours of the break in the transit, the user is refunded for the costs of transport or the service as a whole.

The user is not entitled to any other compensations than the ones listed above in the case of a vehicle breakdown.

A vehicle breakdown or force majeure are not an acceptable basis for damage claims.


All vehicles have passenger transportation licenses, are suitably checked, and are compliant with the legislation of the REPUBLIC of SLOVENIA, while accident insurance is provided as a part of the price of transport. All vehicles also have AUTOMOBILE ASSISTANCE INSURANCE of the ZAVAROVALNICA TRIGLAV d.d. insurance company.

Additional duties of the driver are to act with due diligence, both in relation to the vehicle, as well as the passengers. Should passengers engage in dangerous behaviour, where such behaviour could cause physical injuries to themselves or others, the driver is obligated to pause the transit and, before continuing, ensure safety of other passengers and the vehicles.

Article 12 – BAGGAGE

The client of transportation services is entitled to 1 piece of manual baggage of up to 10 kilograms, as well as 1 piece of personal baggage of up to 25 kilograms. When announced or reserved and paid for in advance, additional baggage is possible.

It is forbidden to bring dangerous substances or matter, which are forbidden by law in any country that the vehicle travels through, into the van.


Any cancellation by the service provider is subject to this article. The service provider may partially or completely cancel a transfer if, before or during such transfer, conditions arise which are unavoidable or impossible to prevent. The service provider may also cancel a transfer in case that the lowest required number of passengers did not apply, or in the case that the other applied passengers did not pay the prepayment for the transit. The service provider must notify the users at least 2 days before the beginning of the transit and fully refund them.


A client’s cancellation of transit must be in written form, e-mail is also appropriate.

The date of written cancellation is the foundation for the calculation of cancellation costs as follows: up to a month before departure, 50% of the price of transit; less than 14 days before the departure, 100% of the price of transit.


Protection of personal information of our users is an important priority for our company. Your personal information is constantly protected from loss, destruction, forgery, manipulation and unauthorised access. We will never abuse your personal information in any way.

Article 16 – DISCOUNTS

Discounts are arranged between contractual parties before transit is carried out. Discount prices and additional offer are set by the company Castrum d.o.o. and clearly stated in the price list for the offered services.

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